Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My response to a comment on a Ron Paul vs. Sarah Palin poll.

Leo Sykes
2009-11-11 07:04:42 ET

As I don't use an alias some Ron Paul folks have E-mailed taking me to task.
My wife and I belonged to four different Ron Paul Meet-up groups, went to the state GOP convention as Paul delegats, as well as other support. Then the joker quit!
Palin stuck it out to the end. The media along with frivolous law suits tied her up so much that as a lame duck governor she thought it best to step down. Normally I don't vote for a woman as they are concerned with womans issues, "minority issues" (even if they are White), hug the trees and save the whales. Palin did admit to being a Christian soccer mom (is that bad?), but did not try for special treatment for them. The seeing Russia thing, for those of simple minds, was a light hearted way of saying that she had direct dealilngs with Russia. Fishing, shipping rights, etc.
I have had people tell me that Palin had not experience to be VP. But Hussein had none, and he is now president.
Paul votes right, is just where he does best. We just need more like him. He would be a good advisor to Palin. Paul would not be allowed to run for any party without being approved by AIPAC. Paul is a legislator, not a leader.
There is confusion as to neo-cons. They were "advisors" to Bush, folks who put the NWO/Israel before this country, many of them dual citizens with the US and Israel. Neo-cons are now called Czars. Notice Kissinger? Always unelected, but always in the government be it Gop or jackass.
Now, let the name calling begain.

Charlie Shore
2009-11-11 07:42:50 ET

hey leo sykes, Yes Ron Paul quit a few months before the Republican nomination delegate vote. He did so because he knew he could not win (obviously) and he wanted to use his left over funds to start the Campaign for Liberty, an organization that has inspired more people than a few months in 2008 would have done. Also, Sarah Palin quit her elected post as governor! Now tell me which is worse: an inevitable loss in a nomination election who's decision would lead to bigger and better things....or leaving a post for no apparent reason which volunteers and voters spent a lot of time and money to help elect. seems like an easy answer. now if i were you, i would vote on prinicple and what YOU believe in. True conservative principles or establishment principles which are not really principles at all.

2009-11-11 07:45:54 ET

Also, you mention that Barrack Hussein Obama had no experience and was elected anyways. LOOK at what that has brought our country.. Experience is necessary.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Predictions, Predictions

Where will we as the United States of America be in the last half of 2009 and 2010. There is much speculation pointing towards a more severe economic depression brought on by hyperinflation.

I will resurrect this post every now and again so we can see where are predictions have come true and where they have failed. New predictions are always welcome. I have been interested in Gerald Celente and his trends research lately. I haven't personally subscribed to his quarterly news report, but only read a few trend summaries on his website.

"The Collapse of '09
The "Panic of '08" will be followed by "The Collapse of '09." In 2008, when the world's largest financial firms and equity markets crumbled, Wall Street's woes preoccupied the media. In 2009, the focus will broaden to include a range of calamities that will leave no sector unscathed....."

My take is that the stimulus will prop up the economy for a while but inflation will kick in slowly or be "hidden" by government statistics. Another round of stimulus will surely come as the economy begins to slide downward. Job losses may turn positive in a few months for not for long as employers realize the economy is 100% phony and the worst is yet to come. Taxes will destroy businesses and the country will begin its final descent. When this will occur, I do not know but I suspect it will happen between December of 09 at the earliest to mid or late 2010.

The financials will fail including many conservative financial banks and lenders. I suspect the fed will not be audited and will continue to print money and further destroy our currency. It is inevitable at this point that it will fail or be devalued to a point of basically zero. The government will try to provide at every point, only to form a sense of public reliance. A few already fading majority or near majority trends will be forgotten as the country's mind drifts elsewhere. Global warming and government environmentalism are two big ones. Many under the table trends or trend revolutions will grow and merge with the mainstream including gardening for survival instead of pleasure, city chickens, sustainability, ACTUAL exercise and fitness, and weapons.

However, the gloom will thrive but communities will once again flourish as individual responsibility and good preparedness will act as a people-uniter. By this I mean there will be a resurgence of trust but only among small groups of family, neighbors, etc. We will rely on our meager skills for survival from planting to medical care to plumbing and car repair. I do not know if a revolution will come because the government has grown immensely powerful.

I fear for densely populate cities. I fear for those unaware and ill prepared. My predictions prepare me for what I believe is going to happen. I buy silver because I cannot afford gold.

Friday, June 12, 2009

HR 1207 Cosponsor Map

MAP HAS BEEN UPDATED on August 2, 2009! Currently 282 Cosponsors.
8 more for a veto proof majority!  Call, call, call!
Enjoy and Spread!